Module Two

Date Assignments Hybrid
Week 5
20 Feb
CC, Ch 5, Virtualization Components
CC, Ch 6, Virtualization and the Cloud
NIST Guide to Virtualization
CloudU Assignment One
1 Revolution not Evolution
2 Economics of Cloud Computing
3 Cloud Computing Stack
Week 6
27 Feb
CC, Ch 8, Performance Management
Introduction to Virtualization (Eli)
4 Say Goodbye to DIY Data Centers
Week 7
6 Mar
CC, Ch 12 Cloud and Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Virtual Machines (Messer)
Ch 2 and 3 from NIST
SP800-34 Contingency Planning Guide
5 The Elephant in the Room
Week 8
13 Mar
Spring Break
No F2F Meeting.
Prepare for Test Two
Week 9
20 Mar
Test Two
After exam: Readings from Cloud Essentials.
See Module Three.
Prepare for Module 3
6 Planning a Move to the Cloud