Module One

Date Assignments Multimedia
Week 1
23 Jan
Introduction to Cloud Computing (Eli)
NIST SP800-145 Definition of Cloud Computing (Chapter Two)
RS Web Hosting EOS One
Intro to Web Hosting, DNS, Web Servers, Load Balancing, Dedicated vs Cloud
Internet of Things Project Intro (TBA)
Week 2
30 Jan
NIST SP800-146 Cloud Computing Synopsis and Recommendations RS Web Hosting EOS Two
Multi-Tier Architectures, Horizontal and Vertical Scaling, Inside the Cloud, Dedicated vs. Cloud and High Availability
Week 3
6 Feb
NAS and SAN Introduction, Introduction to RAID, and Introduction to Solid State Drives (SSDs), (Eli) RS Web Hosting EOS Three
Virtualization, Cloud vs Virtualization, PCI Intro, Storage Types, Dedicated vs Cloud and Security
Big Data
Week 4
13 Feb
Test One
After exam, prepare for Module Two
Test One
After the exam:
RS Cloud Certification 1, Evolution not Revolution

Text Readings

Week 1, Ch1
Concepts, Models and Terminology
Week 2, Ch 2
Disk Storage Systems
Week 3, Ch 3 & Ch4
Storage Networking
Week 4, Ch 5
Virtualization Components

Mod One readings from Cloud+ Certification

Students may also find relevant sections from CompTIA Cloud+ Study Guide By: Todd Montgomery useful.

Mod One multimedia tutorials from Rack Space

Testable materials include Big Data Lecture.