Module Three

Date Assignments Hybrid
Week 9
21 Mar
After Test Two:
CE, Ch 4 -- Current Cloud Technologies
CE, Ch 5 -- Cloud Business Value
CE, Ch 8 -- Applications in the Cloud
RS Cloud Certification
7 Running a Business in the Cloud
Week 10
28 Mar
Cryptography Lecture
CE Ch 11, Security in the Cloud
CE Ch 12 Privacy and Compliance
Project: Porter
RS Cloud Certification
8 Creative Configurations
Week 11
4 Apr
Public Key Infrastructure Lecture
Project: Porter Value Chain
RS Cloud Certification
9 Data Wants to be Free
10 You want my data where?
Week 12
11 Apr
Test Three
Projects/Assignments due
Prepare for Mod Four
MC Ch 3, Radio Frequency Principles
Ch 4, Cellular Technologies
After exam, prepare for Module 4
Introduction to Big Data
Part One


Week 9
Readings from Cloud Essentials.
Ch4, Current Tech
Ch5, Business Value
Ch 8, Applications
Week 10
Ch 11, Security
Ch 12, Privacy and Compliance
Week 11
Mobility+ Ch3, RF
Week 12
Mobility+ Ch4, Cell Tech

Cloud Essentials available online through UH Books 24x7. (Checked 10 March 16.)

Mobility+ Certification AIO