Module Four

Date Assignments & Project Hybrid
Week 12
11 Apr
Test Three
After test:
Prepare for Module 4,
MC Chapter 3, Radio Frequency Principles
Chapter 4, Cellular Technologies
Porter IOT,SWOTs
Introduction to Big Data
Part Two
Week 13
17 Apr
MC, Chapter 5, Wi-Fi Client
MC, Chpater 8, Mobile Security Risks
Porter IOTCompetitive Analysis
Introduction to Big Data
Part Three
Week 14
24 Apr
MC Chapter 9
Mobile Security Technologies
IOT Toolkit
Week 15
1 May
Test Four
AIO Mobility+
Chapters 3, 4, 5, 8, & 9
RackSpace Big Data 1,2,&3
Mod 4 Assignments due (2 May)
Post all RackSpace Certs to Mod4
9 May Finals Week Learning Portfolio Due (9 May)
AIO Mobility+ Certification available electronically at UH Library.
To access go to: UH Books 24X7. Search for ISBN 9780071823968

AIO Mobility+

Week 11, Ch3
Radio Frequency Principles
Cellular Technologies
Week 12, Ch 5
Wi-Fi Client Technologies
Week 13, Ch 8
Mobile Security Risks
Week 14, Ch 9
Mobile Security Technologies
Since UH Library no longer makes Mobility+ available, you like will find this alternative text useful.

Alternate Online Text.

Though, it would be prudent to also be familiar with the slides at the top of this page.